This One-Step Corn Kerneler Will Strip Your Corn Cob Clean

One step corn kerneler is probably the best thing to have if you like to eat your corn without straining your gums. Apart from the fiber that gets stuck between your teeth, the shudder-worthy feeling that follows is not pleasant either.

A corn shredder is definitely one of the coolest kitchen tools to own especially if you are a lazy corn lover. An easy-to-use gadget, which strips your corn cob down to nothing. It just requires a little extra force maybe.

The only major disadvantage of this otherwise useful tool is that most of the times, it may not fit around the ear of the corn as the shredder’s hole may be too big to form a grip around the converging part. However, the ear of the corn is mostly already bare or has lesser kernels as compared to the main body of the corn cob.

All in all, it will prove to be a useful kitchen gadget. It comes in cheap and spares you of the messy business of peeling the corn with your fingers. It is not only a time-consuming job but it involves a lot of effort in picking out the kernels by hand one by one. Unless you own a machine engraved into your kitchen wall where you can get the same thing done, only by spending a lot more money than necessary.

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