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Double Roti

Nothing excites me more than a restaurant serving a delicious meal, by a happy crew. A pattern we’ve noticed with restaurants, a joint serving cheesy fries tends to never disappoint. So health freaks steer clear of this joint – it’s strictly  for those days when you feel like indulging in greasy burgers and heavy milkshakes.  dobyl

What it looks like:

A bit off the map, Double Roti is located on the first floor of Gurgaon’s only tolerable market, Galleria.  If you’ve been to there enough, you won’t have much trouble locating the joint. It’s on the first floor, right on top of the Geetanjali Beauty parlour. If you haven’t been to Galleria before, the market is a bit of an architectural failure – ask around and you’ll find your way.

The words décor and ambience are too fancy to be associated with Roti Chai. Clearly a firm believer in casual dining, the tiny room is big enough to hold an open kitchen and seat sixteen people (4 tiny tables). Like every standard urban Indian café it has an eclectic collection of wall art. They have created an interesting space – relaxed and informal. They serve your food in small frying pans, and drinks in jar glasses – the effort taken to add detailed quirks is always appreciated. With the open kitchen you can actually trace how your food is getting cooked.

The Main Course

double rotiThey had us at their menu. Milkshake made with a mix of gooey caramel and crunchy peanut butter. Sour cream, bacon, scrambled eggs and grilled sausage in a wrap. A burger filled with spicy salsa, sour cream and a crispy chicken patty. Need we say more? And that’s only describing three dishes on their menu.

Getting to the main point: the food. Best place in Gurgaon to get quality burgers. And yes, we’ve tried the Juicy Lucy at Delhi Heights café.  Their selection includes – Bacon cheese fries, Hot Dogs, Bugers, Milkshakes. Ask the friendly manager for recommendations; he was more than happy to offer things which haven’t been included in the menu.


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