5 Culinary Herbs You Can Easily Grow at Home

Have you ever considered having your own culinary herb garden? Growing your own herbs is fairly simple and does not require a lot of effort as compared to growing vegetables, that need specific conditions to be able to nourish themselves and grow. Moreover, fresh herbs straight from your kitchen garden are likely taste to more flavour than whatever you might get at the store.

Here is our list to help you get started on your own little household farm:

1. Basil.

Also referred to as “Holy Basil” in India, it’s a herb that has traditionally been revered as sacred. One of the most beneficial culinary herbs to be around, Basil retains a lovely flavour. People here like to sip their teas with crushed tulsi leaves added to their morning beverage. Remember to cut it back often as it grows better and faster when it is regularly trimmed.


2. Chives.

Chives are a light-flavoured herb, an excellent additive to make your food taste so much better with only a tinge of onion flavour. The plant grows well during early summer and spring. They produce edible flowers and should also be trimmed regularly.


3. Mint Leaves.

This herb is a must for you to grow in your kitchen garden. It has a refreshing flavour, the intensity of which depends upon the particular vareity you are growing. Like most other herbs, it also needs to be trimmed back often. It can grow well in both sunny and shady areas.


4. Bay Leaves

A great herb to garnish your meals with. Bay leaf can be added to spicy gravies and it gives an excellent flavour to your food. It is a perennial that grows all year and needs a lot of air to remain healthy.


5. Coriander.

Coriander is also called Cilantro and is one of the most common herbs when it comes to garnishing your food to enhance its flavour. It is a good choice if you like your food to smell and taste refreshing.


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