8 Insane Hybrid Desserts You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Here’s how you can set the bar high for the best dessert chefs around the world. Take a classic recipe and turn it into your battleground for creativity through innovation. Mix and match your favorite sweet treats, mash it all up and think about what you can achieve!

While the possibilities are endless, here is our pick of the 5 most awesome hybrid dessert recipes that you need to try out:

1. Ice-Cream filled cupcakes

Cupcakes and Ice Cream in one go? We couldn’t possibly refuse. Bakingdom has the perfect recipe for making White Chocolate Strawberry Ice-Cream Cupcakes which combines our two favourites.


2. Strawberry Pie Cake

This strawberry-laden vanilla cake is sure to leave you wanting more. You’re never done when you have Food and Femininity‘s formula for baking the whacky Strawberry Pie Cake.


3. Salted Chocolate Brownie Cookies

Jennifer from Canada describes her dessert as the “best brownies in cookie form.” Her recipe on Seasons And Suppers helps create soft delicious cookies, ready to melt in your mouth.


4. Birthday Cake Pancakes

Nikki Gladd from Seeded at The Table makes it a cakewalk to bake a birthday cake that can be had for breakfast. This is how we’d like to start our Birthday morning.


 5. Brownie Pudding

Are you also a chocolate fanatic like Riley? See how he makes the beautifully crusted chocolate brownie pudding with a molten center on his online kitchen My Daily Morsel.


6. Cocoa-Sour Cream Chocolate-Chip Coffee Cake

Picture a soft coffee cake topped with choco-chip cookie crumbs to just melt in your mouth! Amanda can teach you how to whip up a batch for some post-dinner indulgence on Crumbs and Cookies.

cookie crumbs

7. Doughnut Macarons

Cinnamon-flavored Doughnut Macarons made with a generous amount of strawberry jam buttercream will make you fall in love with Steph’s original recipe on Raspberri Cupcakes. It’s super easy too!


8. Cronut

Has a croissant and a doughnut ever popped in your head together? Maybe while making that hard choice? Well, here’s an excellent alternative. Start battering dough instead of your brain with Brendi Milloy’s instructions on Yumsugar for making an easy homemade cronut.

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