Top 5 Super Inventions You Should Add to Your Kitchen

In today’s fast paced life, putting together a good meal that is not frozen or ordered from a fast food restaurant is not easy. Guests coming over on short notice, it turns into a nightmare.

So here is a list of must-have grub gadgets for your kitchen that will make your life easy, healthy and delicious:

1. Cuppow

Cuppow is a product that turns your mason jars into easy sipping jars. It is a great way for you and your family to have those delicious and healthy smoothies on the go. Just add a cuppow to your jar and start sipping like a boss.


2. Easy Butter Former

Everyone loves the perfect morning breakfast, most preferred kind being crispy toast smeared with butter. Spreading the frozen butter however, is something that everyone struggles with. The Easy Butter Former will turn that hard block of butter into softer threads with just a twist.

18mueaywr1w9yjpg (1)

3. Silicone Bake-ware

It’s time to say goodbye to your old glass baking equipment, and say hello to the new and improved Silicone bake-ware. They are easy to use and can take extreme temperatures and it’s fairly easy to clean them.


4. Dumpling Press

Chinese is one of the most relished cuisines, loved by both, the children and the adults alike. This dumpling press makes it super easy to roll out those perfect shaped dumplings. A must-have for momo freaks!

dumpling press

5. Waffle Maker

A waffle maker is perfect for those lazy weekend mornings following the late night party. Prepare waffles in a jiffy and serve with some honey and strawberries on the side.


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