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#InstaFame : Check Out Adorable Food Art by Samantha Lee

“I’m not a professional chef and I’ve never been to culinary school. I’m just an ordinary, regular average mom, crazy about making mess in the kitchen.”

That’s what Samantha Lee says about herself but, her Instagram account tells a different story.

With over 600k followers on Instagram she is a star mom. She started making bento art in 2008 when she was pregnant with her second daughter. The intent was to make her elder daughter eat independently after the arrival of her younger sister.  Now, her daughters fight over which character should they get during mealtime.

Earlier she relied on internet to find inspiration and designs for her food but soon she let her imagination take over. She sketches her designs before she cooks them and her kitchen army includes toothpicks, scissors and knives.  She has a blog that explains step by step procedures for creating the designs. Check out some of our favourite designs by Lee and you can get more of these intricately edible designs:

1. Minion Love

2.  Hermione Granger got fusilli curls

3. Oh hey Marge!

4. Bart, what did you do now?

5. With a little help from Einstein


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