Top 7 Breakfast Blunders You Should Avoid

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping it could have a life long adverse effect on your health and on your weight.

Today we help you to decode some myths about breakfasts so you can enjoy a wholesome first meal of the day and avoid the common breakfast blunders:

Tip no 1: Avoid the unhealthy stuff

It is the most essential meal of the day. Try and eat a healthy breakfast like green tea with a lemon wedge or oats with half a banana.

Tip no 2:  Avoid breakfast buffets

As much as possible, try to avoid large breakfast spreads. Most people tend to overeat at these buffets. Stuffing yourself with doughnuts and fruit cocktails early in the morning is never a good idea.

best buffet

Tip no 3: Avoid eating a baby sized breakfast

Most people are under a misconception that by consuming a small meal in the morning , they’ll save on the extra fat. However a leftover waffle or last night’s parantha could contain more calories than a fresh healthy morning meal.


Tip no 4: Beware of breakfast treats

The tempting doughnuts and muffins can cause as much as an entire meal’s caloric consumption. When placed in front of you, take a deep breath and bite your tongue till the urge simmers away.

Breakfast tip 4

Tip no 5: Avoid juicing your fruit

When you start your blender to juice oranges, remember that this process causes the fruit to lose most of its vitamins, minerals and fibre. Instead, replace your juice with a glass of water and a whole fruit.


Tip no 6: Monitor your caffeine intake

A cup of coffee could boost your mood and metabolism; however avoid having multiple glasses of coffee as this may lead to sleep deprivation and have a lasting effect on your body.

Breakfast tip 6

Tip No 7: Avoid fruit yogurt

Don’t get us wrong, yogurt is a great choice! But more often than not it’s loaded with extra sugar and calories that you don’t need.

Breakfast tip 7

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