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Zojirushi Cooker: The Revolution in Rice Cooking

At EBR we are all about the food. Not just the amazing eats, but also the various innovative ways to bring out the perfect flavours out of what nature provides for our nutrition. We believe that a well cooked food is not just for nutrition, it encourages inspiration and a sense of pure pleasure.

So every week we bring you a next generation cooking gizmo to make it easier and fun to get your grub on. This week we have a look at the Zojirushi Induction Heating Rice Cooker & Warmer NP-NVC10/18. The cooker is available in a 5.5 and 10 cups models. The standard measurement cups are provided with the cooker.

This machine can be boon to the Asian students living abroad and generally an irresistible addition to the kitchen. The Zojirushi Cooker is by far a huge leap ahead in rice cooking technology preceded only by the pressure cooker itself.

The induction cooker has an advantage that makes its other cousins look like troglodytes and it is the Artificial Intelligence (AI). The cooker will literally learn from each cooking experience for as long as it is used. Hopefully it won’t break the hearts of the owners and leave them like Samantha did in “HER”! That movie still pains our hearts.

Moving forward, Zojirushi also takes nonstick surfaces to the next level by infusing the material with platinum, thereby making is extremely simple to clean. The platinum also helps increase the water’s alkalinity which is said to increase the natural sweetness of the rice.


The coolest aspect of the cooker is the LCD screen to give you multiple cooking options for rice. The menu has quick, brown, mix, sushi/sweet and many more options to create the consistency compatible with you taste and palate.  There is also an option for steam-reduce which helps protect the appliance from pressure damage. It also looks extremely futuristic and it is extremely easy to use and clean.

As you may have guessed by now all this awesome rice cooking revolution has its sweet sweet price. Priced at $450 on Amazon this will be one of those major planned investments.

Zojirushi cooker, through its learning process, can create the same quality of rice over and over. The machine can be a paradigm shifting revolution in the inculcation of artificial intelligence in consumer electronics. As long as they don’t take on the planet and turn against us, AI seems like the right way forward.

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