5 Scrumptious Tibetan Dishes You Need to Try

Tibetan food is unique in its own right. Whoever thinks that it’s the same as Chinese or even a remote diversion of the same is, well, wrong. The two cultures are poles apart.

The cuisine might just surprise you if you haven’t tried it already. It feels soft on the tongue as the food melts easily in your mouth; making it a perfect treat for the approaching winter.The dominating ingredients include yak meat and barley.

Eat Burp Repeat brings you the 5 Tibetan dishes you should taste soon:

1. Thenthuk

A boiling bowl of soup prepared with soft and creamy noodles along with huge chunks of yak meat and veggies. It is your ultimate option if ever you feel like trying out the Tibetan thukpa for starters. It’s one of their best traditional food items  which will leave you relaxed in the cold.


2.  Shaphalay

How would you like to snack on some deep-fried bread pies stuffed with yak meat? It’s a heavy dish that’s best enjoyed straight out of the kitchen since it becomes soggy and chewy as it cools down. They’re huge and will fill your stomach up to the brim.


3. Sha-Shogok

A dish prepared with yak meat and potatoes, Sha-Shogok is popular among Tibetans who, like most Indians, love their potatoes. They like it a bit hot though. It’s truly a spicy mix made out of the two staple ingredients of Tibet.


4. Salty Butter Tea

Tibetans like to start their day with a morning dose of either salty yak butter tea, or regular sweet milk tea. The butter tea is considered therapeutic by the Tibetans as it helps them overcome plateau sickness while also keeping them warm in the cold dry weather.

butter tea

5. Momos

The list wouldn’t be complete without moms. There’s no denying the fact that we all love them! Steamed or fried, traditional Tibetan ones are stuffed with yak meat and veggies, and served with either soy/tomato sauce, or a more spicy chilli sauce for dipping. Kothay, one of the many varieties of Tibetan dumplings, is quite famous for its unparalleled taste. They’re steamed and served with a hot and spicy chilli dip.


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