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5 Countries That Banned McDonald’s

We live in an age where globalization and capitalism have usurped most countries in the name of human welfare. A new world order seems to be on way to govern the rest of our lives. The fast food giant McDonald’s has been accused of performing unethical activities for various reasons, inside and outside the United States. While most people like to associate modernity with a McDonald’s food outlet in a particular area (at least that’s the case in India,) there are countries trying to drive away the super-fast food giant which is currently listed in 119 countries worldwide. During the year 2002 alone, the company had to pull out of seven countries because of poor profit margin.

Here are 10 countries that banned McDonald’s from entering their frontiers:

1. Bolivia

The move made Bolivia the very first Latin-American country to ban McDonald’s. The fast-food giant could not customise its offerings to suit people’s eating habits and as a result, ran out of profits. At least, that’s how they put it. Bolivians’ eating standards are high, who like their food prepared in a strictly hygienic manner and most of all, with lots of love, which old McDonald’s didn’t seem capable of delivering.


2. Yemen

Even if the religious militants hadn’t been involved in opposing McDonald’s and thus keeping American capitalism at bay, the country’s poor economy doesn’t make it a viable place for the fast-food company to carry on with its operations. For most part, we know that there was a political strife in the country against the food outlet representing American capitalism that caused McDonald’s to back out.


3. Macedonia

McDonald’s had to close all its seven outlets in the country due to a conflict between the company’s european head office and the Macedonian company that ran the franchise. The fast-food chain thrived in Macedonia for sixteen years before it got to a countrywide shut down in 2013 last year. The Macedonian company lost its license to carry on its operations, the reason for which was never revealed and is still unknown. Fishy, eh?


4. Zimbabwe

The country underwent a political strife which led to the callapse of its economy. All the McDonald’s food outlets had to retreat from the country and although talks had been initiated on their re-opening the fast-food chains back in 2010, nothing has taken effect as yet. They don’t seem as enthusiastic on its return and are trying to avoid the discussion altogether.


5. Montenegro

McDonald’s was driven away when the local food establishments raised objections against the food chain’s operations in the region and the government sided with them to protect the health of its citizens. However, the government of Montenegro is adamant that it didn’t happen and reassures that “no company, not even McDonald’s is forbidden to do business in Montenegro.” There is no McDonald’s franchise operating in the country currently.


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