Top 5 Foods to Avoid This Monsoon

Monsoon-related ailments are generally caused because of consuming unhygienic food or contaminated water, which is a common during the Indian rainy season. Both food and water are prone to spoiling during this time of the year. So let us have a look at some of the food items to avoid this monsoon to stay in good health:

1. Leafy vegetables

Monsoon is the only time when you can actually shove that spinach back into the ground without fearing a scolding from your mom. The number of germs that the damp leafy veggies attract during the rainy season can never be guessed. It should seem like a good choice to wash them in clean water if you wish to eat them anyway.

Roasted Vegetable Salad

2. Chaat

One of the most relished roadside snack, Chaat includes Bhel Puri, Gol Gappas, Dahi Puri and everything that might have water in it. Chutney and Dahi may be made out of contaminated water, carrying infection in it. Your best chance at avoiding to be a victim of an unwanted disease is to either chuck the chaat altogether, or make it yourself at home with healthier ingredients.


3. Pakoras/Samosas/Kachori

It’s strange how the rains always seem to get us craving for these fried Indian snacks. However consuming oily food items can literally prove to be lethal for your health as the increased humidity during the rainy season weakens the digestive system of the body. It could give you a bad stomach ache. Deep-fried foods are best avoided during the rains as they are quite capable of causing serious health issues.


4. Seafood

Listen up fish freaks! Seafood is a definite no-no during the monsoons as fresh fish is hard to find at a time when the water’s exposed to so many harmful organisms. Our immune systems do not work so well either at this time, thus leading to many diseases.


5. Roadside juices

Mostly the roadside juice vendors have their fruits cut well in advance and pre-cut and peeled fruits are likely to carry infectious diseases of various kinds. Fresh juice can be made out of freshly cut fruits and be had at home in clean utensils, so as to avert some of the trouble that monsoon might bring in its wake.


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