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Top 5 Healthy Food Ideas to Beat That Midnight Craving

It’s the same story. We’re up late, our eyes fixed on our computer screens, and bam! The craving strikes you in the middle of the long haul that stretches from dinner to the next morning’s breakfast. Although we tend to think of fixing some sandwiches with dripping cheese or maybe delicious burgers and chips on the side, we all know that we are neglecting our body’s need to stay healthy and fit.

EBR brings you the top 5 delicious ideas for healthy late-night snacks that will soothe your hunger pangs:

1. Dark Chocolate

More cocoa in chocolate means less sugar, and that is a sure sign of a healthy snack. Chocolates with atleast 70% cocoa are rich in antioxidants. You know what that means? It is not only good for your skin, but its anti-aging properties will also make you look younger.

dark choco

2. Fruit Cream

There is no other contender to a meal that’s packed with lots and lots of fiber and vitamins, especially when your stomach begins to rumble in the middle of the night. Fruit Cream is the probably your single best bet of all the others that will leave you satisfied, while not compromising your body’s health. Fruits are the next generation of synthetic skittles candy. They are delicious while also being nutritious and filling.

Fruit cream

3. Yoghurt Cubes

Delicious yoghurt cubes are another one of the healthier food items that you would want to try out when hunger strikes at midnight. Homemade smoothies can be made out of your favorite fruit combination and poured into ice trays to freeze until it’s nice and slushy to be enjoyed thoroughly. You can add chopped fruit into the ice molds before pouring the smoothie, so there’s real fruit in every melting bite of your yoghurt cube.


4. Crunchy Sesame Cracker

Crackers made out of sesame seeds are best enjoyed with humus or light cheese. Heavy dips should be avoided at night since it can really turn out to be a bad choice for your stomach. Besides being a cool crunchy late-night snack, it is also very healthy for the body’s metabolism.


5. Popcorn

Fat-free microwave popcorn with a dash of black pepper or any other spice of your choice ( minus the butter ) should make for a real healthy meal for the night. You can adjust the flavour according to the available choices in your spice cabinet. Use some lime powder if you like it tangy, and cinnamon if you prefer it to be sweet.

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