Healthy Bite: Arabian Chicken Rice

Through the first two years of college, on an average, a packet of Maggi was consumed Every. Single. Day. in our apartment.  Ever heard of Freshman 15? The bunch of us had exceeded that and packed on a combined weight equivalent to an average 15 year old girl.

Final year of college we mustered up the courage to join the gym and start cooking healthy meals. After spending an hour in the gym, the standard greasy cravings vanished. This recipe got us back on track. Instead of the noodles packed with MSG and salt, we replaced our dinners with “Arabian Chicken”. Atleast our addiction shifted to a healthier direction.

While living in a home away from home, home-cooked food is one thing that can never be replaced. This recipe, which uses the most basic ingredients to prepare a meal-for-one. Try it out and go ahead and tweak it to suit your taste :

250 gms boneless chicken, cubed

4 tbsp barbecue sauce

200 gm curd

2 tbsp fun foods, chilli garlic paste

1 cup cooked boiled rice

1 tbsp oil

1/3 garlic paste

  1. In a heated pan, sauté the chicken till slightly brown; set aside.
  2. In a separate bowl, beat the curd smooth; add the garlic chilli paste.
  3. Marinate the chicken in the barbecue sauce.
  4. To serve, in a serving bowl add the rice, top with the barbecue
  5. chicken and at last the chilli garlic curd.

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