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Give in to These Sinful Desserts This Winter

Winter is finally here -say hello to snugly blankets, hot beverages and all around cheer. As temperature continues to dip what better way to stay warm than a sugar rush. We’ve put together a few options from around the city for you to OD on when Mr. Frost strikes.

1. DoughnutsDoughnutFind yourself a Dunkin’ Donut or a Mad Over Donuts pretty much in any nook and cranny of Delhi. There is a whole array of these sugared rings of dough for you to indulge in. Chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, strawberry -choose your poison and there is no turning back after that.

2. GelatoGelato

Ice-cream is undisputedly the best thing to have existed in dessert-paradise. But its high sugar content could be quite a wet-blanket sometimes. Meet gelato, the healthier sibling of this absolutely wonderful piece of beauty. Eaten in the right proportion, gelato has a lower sugar, fat and calorie content than ice-cream, and therefore is a better alternative if you want to keep that sugar-intake in check.

3. Cinnamon Bites/RollsCinnamon rolls

For those who enjoy their dessert with just the right amount of sugar -not too much, not too little -cinnamon flavoured confectionery is the best bet. One of the nicest, but also hard to find places, in the city for this is Cinnabon -Cinnabon bites and sticks are two beautifully sinful choices that can be made there.

4. Frozen YogurtFrozen Yogurt

Take it up a notch and celebrate the cold with frozen yogurt. Throw in a handful of dry-fruits, frozen fruits or garnished chocolate to make your bowl of yogurt even more fun. Mr. Yogurt and Cocoberry are two chains with outlets spread all across the city that will give you just the perfect combination of frozen yogurt with fancy, colourful toppings.


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