Breakfast and Symmetry

UK Based Cook Expresses His Love Through Incredibly Symmetrical Breakfast

The world of internet never ceases to take us by surprise, and pleasantly so this time.

Michael Zee has found an incredibly interesting way of expressing his feelings for two things he loves passionately -cooking and his boyfriend, Mark van Beek. For about two years, Zee has woken up every morning to prepare elaborate, and perfectly symmetrical breakfasts for his boyfriend and himself.

An educational officer at a museum, Zee now has his own website -where the symmetry in pictures is definitely a beauty to behold. It started as a pretty plate of breakfast one morning, with a prettier picture on social media. After getting an enthusiastic response from his friends, Zee continued to post pictures of breakfast prepared by him every morning for the next couple of months.

Mark van Beek (left) and Michael Zee

Mark van Beek (left) and Michael Zee

The encouraging response led to the creation of Michael Zee’s Instagram account SymmetryBreakfast, described as “breakfast for my boyfriend and me” -food and love -if that isn’t the best combination ever, we don’t know what is.

Zee comments on his daily routine and says, “I do it all, it’s my project, but it wouldn’t exist without Mark. I get up really, really early. If something takes more than 30 minutes to make, such as a sourdough, I do it the night before. I post at 7.30am and we leave the house at 8am. Usually, within the first hour, I’ll have 1,000 likes and by the next day it will go up to about 3,000.”

He further admits that if he is expecting a hangover the next morning, he makes sure the preparation is taken care of the night before. Zee hasn’t missed a single morning in a year.

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