Why We Cannot Stop Talking About Shawarma

Delhi has its own versions of cuisines from all over the world -from Chinese, to Middle Eastern to different kinds of food representing different parts of the country. Irrespective of how all these delicacies taste in their authentic, native locations, people in the city seem more than satisfied with what they are being offered.

Needless to say, Delhi is truly a city of foodies -people love to spend time and money and effort in hunting down the best places to indulge their palettes. And we are here to make your job easier today.

Let’s talk about one of the most consumed food items in the city -no, not momos, but bake 1

Delhi offers many interesting food joints when it comes to this Levantine Arab beauty, but one that undoubtedly tops our list is Al Bake. The place is now 15 years old, with its inception in 2000 in New Friends Colony. Though the place is lauded for other dishes like Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Tikka Lababdar, the shawarma wins hands down as the USP of Al Bake.

The shawarma packs juicy meat (chicken, paneer or egg depending on individual preference) inside a roll of pita bread. The texture is rich and creamy and the bread is baked to perfection.Al bake

The meat is roasted on spits and therefore is low on oil and fat. It is served with two dips based on mayonnaise and curd respectively. According to personal experience, the curd-based dip should be avoided. Because of its ingredients, the dip is hard to store for long periods of time, and more often than naught, ends up losing its freshness.

The shawarma costs Rs. 100 for a plate which has two pieces; the restaurant also offers home delivery. If you happen to drop by at Al Bake, let us know what you think of the shawarma and if you agree with our review.



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