5 Reasons Why We Love Pooja Dhingra

The baking industry has been seen booming across metropolitan cities all over India. Mumbai is one such place where bakery shops and cafes have flooded its streets and corners, leading all our fellow dessert freaks to the stairway to heaven and beyond.

The young and talented Pooja Dhingra, who started her café called Le15 Patisserie in Mumbai at the age of 23, five years ago, is now a renowned pastry chef who has made the whole city sing praises of her initiative.

Here are 5 reasons why we’re currently crushing on the ‘Macaroon Queen’:

1. She Pushed the Macaroon Trend in India


Dhingra’s unique talent has been inspired heavily by the French. She’s made extraordinary efforts in bringing us these delicious bite sized delights. While she struggled to create a niche for herself in the big city, what helped was the concept of bringing something new to the Indian market. Besides the most popular Dark Chocolate Macaroon, Dhingra has gone ahead to add a desi touch to the goodies. She took a chance and introduced Indian-flavored macaroons such as Paan, Malai Kulfi, Kachi Kairi, Chai and Green Chilly.

3. Her Excellent Entrepreneurial Skills

pooja dhingra

A Sunday Morning baking class focused only on Nutella

Dhingra spent most of her time learning and cherishing the art of baking herself. She dropped law to learn master the diploma from the prestigious Culinary school – Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. It was her time in France that inspired her to open a studio called Studio Fifteen. Here she conducts lessons and learning-exercises for people passionate about cooking. An amazing feat indeed! They aren’t only about cupcakes and macaroons, some of her popular culinary classes include ‘All About Dips’, ‘Assorted Dim Sums’ and ‘Party Delights’.

3. She Wrote an Amazing Book

Which was on top of the Amazon Bestsellers in its ‘Food, Drink & Entertaining’ category. The Big Book of Treats is for all aspiring Indian bakers who want to learn the exceptional culinary art-form with utmost ease and comfort.  According to her, increasing availability of ingredients and resources in India has made it a lot easier for food enthusiasts to cook or bake anything and everything.

4. She Stays on Top of Her Social Media Game


You know the people who check their Insta updates before they read the morning newspaper? Yes, we’re pretty sure Dhingra is one of them. She is extremely active on social media, which makes her easily approachable. She is not afraid to talk to anyone about anything which makes others curious about her work. She is frank without being naïve. Her insta and Twitter accounts show how passionate she is about food and her work.

5. An Exciting Young Success Story

Dhingra was featured as one the most successful ‘Thirty under Thirty’ List of the year. She is both young and talented at what she does. It is not only exciting to have people like Dhingra baking Indian flavored macaroons for us, but it is also inspiring for many who share her vision to mobilize diverse cultural trends from around the world into the Indian subculture, while modifying them to suit our needs. And that is exactly what she aims at as she experiments with various Indian flavors like Paan and Chai. Currently, the Macaroon Lady plans to take this venture across other cities and bring the delightful experience to more and more people residing in different parts of India while continuing to work on her second book.

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