Teforia Tea Infuser

Teforia Introduces Smart Tea Maker With a Price Tag of Rs. 85,000

There is no denying that India is where chai could easily be the staple diet of so many. Tea is an indispensable part of our daily routine. But do you love your good, old cuppa enough to invest a $ 1,300 (about Rs. 85,000) in a robotic tea maker? Having mentioned that price tag, are we considering our choices in life already?

Teforia has come out with what it chooses to call “intelligent infuser”, a carafe that turns tea leaves into hot tea. Allen Han, the CEO of Teforia, demonstrated a shiny, impressive smart tea maker at a WSJ.D newsroom, and also compared the performance of the device with another smart tea maker, Teavana infuser. Needless to say, the former’s product was better in taste and quality than the latter’s. Another difference of the two infusers is their price tags – Teforia’s product comes with a hilariously exorbitant $1300 price tag ($650 for those who pre-order), while Teavana’s product is priced at a comparatively humble $40.

Teforia Tea Maker

Teforia’s described the regular method of making tea with the help of tea bags as “a crude, unsophisticated experience.” in an official statement. Are your “unsophisticated” tea-drinking habits bothering you enough to buy this product?

If Teforia is planning to target a tiny percentage of its Western audience, then this product would perhaps find some buyers. However, back home in India, the idea of a tea-maker that costs more than the cost of drinking tea for a decade by an individual is beyond absurd.

Source: WSJ

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