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Our Favourite Food Geeks to Follow on Instagram

The biggest Instagram cliché is clicking food. We all have that one friend, who stops everyone from digging in, just to click about a dozen angles of the meal.

I’d be that one friend. Friends and family protest about how hungry they are, but I manage to delay their first bite. Now no one knows they’re not to ruin the plating before I click my Instagram-worthy picture. I know who would sympathize with my plight, the people managing these accounts. Okay, beware, once you follow them, checking your insta feed is going to increase your trips to the fridge. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

  1. Pooja Dhingra

It isn’t only pictures of enticing baked goodies, following her account is about following the life of a young successful restaurateur. Pooja graduated from the renowned Le Cordon Blue Paris. Started Le 15 Patisserie, an extremely popular bakery in Mumbai, one which is famous for its macaroons. One of the freshest faces in the industry, she manages to keep an extremely large following interested. She knows what’s good and clicks it instantly. And all we can do is drool.

2. The Art Of Plating

While it may not seem important for our everyday meals, but the way the food is plated affects the way we enjoy a meal. Especially for food professionals, the quality of presentation of food is as important as its taste. That’s the only way to make your food look irresistibly appetizing. Continue enhancing the looks and they’ll keep coming back for more. Follow this account to get inspired by the delicately assembled meals.

3. Cupcakes Dailyy

Yeah yeah, we know cupcakes are passe, it’s all about colourful macaroons now. But we cannot resist adding this one to the list. They post pictures of creative cupcakes that seem too adorable to eat. There’s just no limit to the designs they can come up with. Hot dogs, pizzas and popcorns don’t look as delicious in real life as they do on these posts. From minions and pandas to memo pads and message icons, these pictures get you hooked to scrolling down for more.

4. Joy The Baker

All you need is a solid camera, good food and an Instagram filter, and voila! You too can have a carefully curated account of food pictures. Joy The Baker, does that and more. She tells you the story of her life through her pictures; her life only revolves around her love for food. She shares her “at work” pictures with us and helps us stay connected with whatever she’s doing. It gives us a key to her collection of gorgeous food items.

5. Jamie Oliver

A sneak peek into his life and all the things Jamie Oliver likes. He’s a one of the best chefs in the world, who knows his work well and never disappoints. You know before purchasing his books that they’ll be worth it. He can bake, cook and present his work in such a mouthwatering way, that you would feel the need to rush to the nearby restaurant.

6. Food Creative

Gummy Bear Popsicles, Marshmallow candy bars, dog shaped mini-hot dogs and chocolate shaped strawberry Ice-cream. Do I need to say more? Everything they post looks delicious and every post outdoes our expectations. This is a must follow blog for those who have a great eye for food and no matter where they are, they see candies in their head.

7. Passion For Baking

Manuela Kjeilen’s food blog can be described in just one word: Pretty. She focuses a lot of her posts on beautifully decorated café and the images can be described as simple and flawless. It’s one of the smoothest accounts I’ve come across and getting her regular updates on her most recent assignments is refreshing. Follow her if you’re a dessert addict and see her magic for yourself.

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