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Yikes! Starbucks in India Temporarily Discontinues Chocolate Flavoured Drinks

The Food and Beverage Companies in India are being driven to the edge, following the almost unbelievable ban on Nestle Maggi, and the failing of U.S food safety tests by Haldiram’s and Britannia.

The FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) has adopted an unyielding approach to any company who falls under its radar and is found to be flouting its guidelines. The latest player facing its harsh probe is Tata Starbucks for using unapproved ingredients in a few of its products.

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In the first four months of 2015 itself, the FSSAI had rejected 32 product applications of Tata Starbucks. These included various syrups and sauces included in the drinks such as bar mocha powder, raspberry flavoured syrup, jelly base coffee, whole bean roasted coffee and classic chai (tea) concentrate, international chocolate drink mix, among others.

To be ware of any further strict action being taken against it, Starbucks in India has already stopped the production of any food items or drinks that make use of these ingredients, for an indefinite period.

In an interview with Business Standard, Tata Starbucks was recorded explaining the necessary steps it has undertaken

In line with the FSSAI guidelines, while we finalise the documentation necessary to complete these applications, Tata Starbucks has initiated the suspension of applicable ingredients from certain products served in our India stores.

What does this mean for consumers? It means a shrunk menu, with our favourite chocolate drinks gone. Of course there are a variety of frappuchinos we could still visit Starbucks for, but can these really quench our thirst for all things chocolate?

In the meanwhile, Tata Starbucks is ‘diligently working’ to sort the matter out, and is waiting to apply for fresh approvals with the FSSAI, for using these ingredients.

We hope we don’t have to lose out on another favourite!

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