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We Know This Great Little Place to Satisfy Your Chocolate Craving

You probably have your favourite list of bakeries ready for all occasions. But between cakes, pastries and the ever-popular cupcakes, don’t all of us sometimes want something that’s neither too sweet nor too creamy, but a treat between the two?

Nothing in the dessert world can curb such a craving better than the Brownie.

Okay, no, you must stop imagining those stone hard brown blocks available at every shop’s counter; that’s just the brownie’s withered version. If you want to experience the real brownie – the soft cake/biscuit that melts in your mouth – you should visit Sugar Rush by Saiba, in Gurgaon.

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Saiba Singh is a full-time Google employee, who stays busy part-time keeping the art of making gooey, tea time brownies alive in this side of the world. She delivers in both Gurgaon and South Delhi for a small transportation cost, and provides nine big pieces of brownies, for an affordable Rs. 500.

But the price really won’t be an issue with you, once you taste the heavenly brownies she bakes, the issue would be waiting for your next lot to arrive.

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So what is it that Saiba does differently? For one, she adds an interesting mix to her batter – from large, crunchy crumbs of Twix and Snickers to spoonfuls of Old Monk, Baileys and Amarula Liqueur (according to your preference).

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Secondly, she bakes brownies for world peace, believing that there is no problem in the world that they cannot solve. And, third, nobody does brownie right like her. We tried out a batch, and we can confidently say that one bite is all that it takes, for you to fall in love with them.

Just like some of the best things in the world, the brownies are made-to-order. So, make sure to contact them 24 hours in advance. You can check out their page here.

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