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The Secret Recipe to Grow Mangos Filled With Kulfi

Fresh fruits and Ice-creams blended together are huge summer treats. But what if instead of blending, you could actually grow your favourite fruit with ice-cream inside? Unbelievable though as it may sound, it can totally be done, and we’ll let you in on the secret.

This recipe was passed down to us by Mellt’s Kulfiano, an outlet serving flavoured Kulfi in Defence Colony, Delhi. They offer all flavours in Kulfi from Chikoo, Falsa, Anaar , Kiwi and Strawberry to Mango. They have a unique way of serving, where they break the Kulfi into small cube shaped pieces and then arrange them on a plate, instead of placing Kulfi on the traditional stick.

Mango Kulfi is their best selling product, giving competition to the 50 year old Moets Kulfi standing just two shops away. Its the entire spectacle of bringing out a frozen mango, peeling it over a tray and cutting it in style that attracts the attention of customers. As to how they make it, they use a very smart and easy concept. Here it is:

Step 1: Take a fresh mango, and cut a slice off its head. Now make a hole inside it by pushing the seed out.

Step 2: Pour liquid Kulfi mixture inside the hole.

Step 3: Cover the open end with a silver foil, and place it in the refrigerator to cool overnight or till firm. ( In the traditional method, the mango is placed in special earthenware mould called kulhar with its mouth sealed. It is  then submerged into a mixture of ice and salt to keep away the external heat.)


Step 4: Once the Kulfi inside the mango is frozen, remove the foil, peel the mango and cut horizontal pieces. It should be consumed instantly before it starts to melts down.


Treat others to your Mango Kulfi in this fabulous way. Either make it at home, or head to Kulfiano for a range of Fruit Kulfis to cool off your taste buds this summer at amazingly affordable prices.


You can find the recipe to make delicious Kulfi here.


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