steel straw

Wondering How To Dress Up Your Drink? We Might Have the Perfect Solution

You may have the talent to mix an interesting drink for all occasions – but unless it appeals to the eye, it can’t be the ultimate hit. To your culinary rescue is a unique product that will draw all eyes to your glass – a fancy Steel Straw, with vintage charm.


Moving away from ordinary plastic straws, these steel straws look extremely elegant dangling in every drink. They come in a set of four and are re-usable and washable in design. Unlike the dull and delicate plastic straw, these do not get destroyed even after multiple, mouthful slurps. And if even all this does not convince you of their virtue – here is the best part, they come cheap in price!

You can find them on Amazon, and can use them to style all your drinking needs; from a glass of fresh strawberry milkshake to a strong martini.

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