This Smart Jug Texts You When The Milk Gets Spoilt

milkmaid1The Milkmaid, currently in development and not yet available to purchase, is a high-tech jug that keeps track of your milk. It lets you know if your milk is about to spoil.

It sends the information to an app on your Smartphone, so you’ll always know how much you have left in the fridge.

 Here’s how the Milkmaid works: The milk goes into the vessel, and as it begins to turn sour in the fridge, a set of pH and temperature sensors located in the vessel’s metal base will periodically take readings and relay that information to the pedestal that the vessel sits in.

Once the weight dips below a certain threshold, or when the pH dips to a point where the milk has gone bad, the base will send a text message to a user’s phone to remind them to buy some more.

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