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Here’s Why My Milkshake is Better than Yours | Keventers Comes to Promenade

When someone says CP, two names instantly pop up in your head; Wenger’s and Keventers. The two historical eateries made delicious patties and shakes for as long as we can remember. So how would you like it, if we told you that the milkshake parlour is now opening in not just Promenade, but three other places? Pure joy.


Keventers was started by Edward Keventer in 1925. In the 1940s, the shop was bought over by RK Dalmia, who took the brand forward and developed it into a well known manufacturing unit churning out milk, ghee, coconut biscuits and iconic shakes (very few know that the shakes were a tiny part of the unit then and not what Keventers stands for today).

It was located in the inner circle of Connaught place for years, until it finally shut shop. However, Keventers made its grand reappearance in  Select City Walk, Saket, late last year. With the first branch in place, the brand has completely outdone its old ‘hole in a wall’ image and has witnessed a 360 degree make over.

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[pullquote_left] Keventers had a high nostalgic value [/pullquote_left]

Today, the brand has been completely revived by Agastya Dalmia, great grand son of RK Dalmia and his best friend, Aman Arora who are co-partners of the new and improved Keventers. Sohrab Sitaram, joined them as their third partner to lend his experience of eighteen years along with his expertise.”We revamped it because Keventers had a high nostalgic value. It was a kilometer away from my school and I used to visit it on a daily basis,” says Aman Arora. He also stated that the milkshakes that were so famous, never really got their due because of the poor infrastructure that was holding them down.keventer 1wtmk

Now that Keventers has a quirky milkshake station to boast about, it is opening in two other locations, apart from Select City Walk and Promenade. That’s right, Keventers is going to be seen in Noida at the DLF Mall of India and at Aerocity within the next 2-3 months.

“We didn’t want a sit-in cafe and the whole concept was to have a 100 square foot outlet where you can pick up your milkshake and continue shopping,” said Arora. He seemed confident that Keventers will cater to all age groups and also, go back to its former glory.

Along with improving their infrastructure, Keventers has a swanky new website that you ought to visit. Click here to see the menu which has new additions like Hazelnut and Tutti-Frutti along with the classics like butterscotch and plain vanilla. Or you can just browse through their website simply for its quirky layout.

So go ahead and refresh your memories with a glass of chilled milkshake, today.

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