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The Black Burger : Burnt? Coloured? Or The Best New Dish In Town

There’s a new burger in town, and it’s colour has gotten everybody talking. The huge banner ads across the capital describe it as “The Mysterious” and the “Dare To Eat” dish, and with good reason. After all, its not everyday that you see a huge black burger being served on your plate.

We at EatBurpRepeat tracked down Mr. Rohit Malhotra, General Manager-Operations, at Barcelos, to help us lift the shroud of mystery over this Black Burger that his outlet is offering at Khan Market, Delhi.

Black Burgers

What is The Black Burger?

Quite literally, a burger that’s black in colour, topped with sesame seeds. It makes use of a black bun, which  is made up of herbs and organic ingredients in appropriate proportions to create its own variant.

Does it differ in taste from a regular brown burger?

Oh yes, it does. In fact the black bread that we use in its preparation has a taste of its own, unlike the brown breads that go into the making of regular burgers. About 75-80% of my customers who have tried this burger claim that it is totally different  in taste and that the bread feels up to five times softer.

Giants like McDonald’s and Burger King have already introduced the black burger in Japan. What was your inspiration to bring it to India?

Indian market is ready for innovation. People are always looking to try out something new, and that is what we are offering them. But our burger is different from the versions being offered in Japan by McDonald’s and Burger King. While Burger King’s Black Kuro Burger is darkened using bamboo charcoal, McDonald’s actually coloured its version in squid ink. In India, Barcelos is only using red, yellow and blue food colors in appropriate quantities to come up with this burger. 

So are you saying that it’s not just another marketing gimmick to make people go crazy over the same old burger?

No, it isn’t, and that’s because the black burger is just one amongst our other new innovative items coming up. Also, like I told you, most people who are trying it, are actually really liking its taste. In fact, last evening we had Mr. Vir Sanghvi come in for a surprise visit with his wife, and he too seemed to love it. With a food critic giving positive reviews… its got to have something more than its looks.

About how the Black Burger’s looks … people in India, generally associate black food with being burnt. Haven’t people come up to you asking whether your burger is burnt too?

(laughs)  yes they have. But I don’t understand why they think anybody will want to sell or eat burnt food.

Are you giving out any special offers to your customers right now?

There aren’t any special offers at the moment, and that’s because the Black Burger is really fairly priced. You can have a Peri Black Beauty (Veg) at Rs. 155 , and Peri Black Magic ( Chicken ) at Rs. 195. Considering that Barcelos is a casual dining restaurant with great ambience and table service, these burgers are quite affordable and decently priced.

How different are you from say, both a Nando’s and a Burger king, that have recently opened up in the same vicinity?

Very different. It’s the same case as when two shops selling pizza open up, and have unique offerings. All of us, Nando’s, Burger King and Barcelos, set up shop with different goals. Barcelos, I believe does not want to restrict itself in its offering and so you’ll see we have an extensive menu that offers sizzlers and so much more that isn’t available at others.

Finally, how have people reacted to The black Burger. Has Delhi given you its Like?

Like I told you, about 70% of my customers have been happy with its visually appealing looks, and taste and have given it positive reviews. But there have been a few disappointments with people who probably dint have a taste for Portuguese food before, and stepped in Barcelos  only for the long queue and buzz its been making at Khan Market. Anyway, the point is you have to taste it , to know it. We would be very delighted to entertain you at Barcelos, and ask you to try out The Black Burger for yourself.

Catch our next post , as we gobble down The Black Burger and Review it!!

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