Stay Cool This Summer With Starbucks’ New Range of Refreshing Frappuchinos

To all those who suffer from unquenchable thirst in the dry summers, Starbucks has come to your rescue. It has come out with a cool new range of Frappuchinos, inspired by the season’s best picks. So now, you can indulge into the freshness of Alphonso Mangoes and the goodness of Mocha Caramel Crunch and Dark Mocha flavours.

In classic Starbucks’ Frappuchino style, all these flavours are blended with milk and ice, and topped with whipped cream. Your very first slurp into them will gush a cool, thick and tasty concoction into your mouth and soothe down your weather-beaten soul. Starbucks is further letting you personalise your drink, by giving you various options for additional toppings such as syrups, chips and cookies, to maximise the kick from these new flavours.

So, this season, go ahead and arm yourself against the heat with Starbucks’ Frappuchinos. Pick from your favourite fruit this season with The Alphonso Mango Frappuchino, or go vintage with The Mocha Caramel Crunch Frappuchino, and enjoy the taste of crushed butter cookie crumbs mixed with mocha and caramel. Or dare to taste pure, dark cocoa, mixed with premium coffee in The Dark Mocha Frappuchino, for a delectable experience.

Indulge yourself in these rich flavours prepared with Starbucks’ signature, high-quality ingredients. Cool off this summer the tasty way!

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