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Mind Numbingly Easy Tricks to Avoid Junk Food (..That Really Work!)

Junk food can be as addictive to people as nicotine. This is because, for some people, junk food can trigger the same response in the brain as nicotine or any other drug.

We’ve found a few super easy tricks to help you quit junk food, once and for all.

Craving Crabs? Brush Your Teeth


You might have never heard of this before, it’s a method of avoiding junk food. Craving for food at night, after dinner, is mainly habitual; it is just a habit developed over time. After brushing, the person has a tendency to eat less food. Don’t believe us? Give it a try tonight.

Know Your Trigger Food


Yes, it’s as easy as identifying who your enemy is. Picture this: You’re going strong with your resolution to give up fatty food, but then you spot the burger that weakens you. You bite into the meaty patty, melted cheese, and buttered bun; and it all goes downhill from there.  Trigger food is the food which causes you to eat excessively. Identifying trigger food can help you in stopping its intake. Once identified, stay away from it – this will make it easier for you to avoid the junk.

Practice the five-ingredient rule


If there are more than five ingredients your meal, simply just avoid it. Though the five-ingredient rule won’t eliminate all junk food from your diet, it will go a long way toward eliminating the unhealthy stuff. We’re not talking about homemade Indian food. Scientifically, the specific number you adopt is subjective, but the more ingredients in a packaged food, the more highly processed it probably is.

Sniffing Vanilla Essence


Prone to frequent chocolate cravings? This is a tried and tested tip. Vanilla Essence is a solution containing the flavour compound vanillin. The essence has an extremely strong sweet smell, one whiff of which helps eliminate the desire to rush to the closest bakery.

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