Japan’s Latest Entrant in The World of Strange Cuisine, the Deep-Fried Black Frog Burger

From eggs that smell like fruit to the Black Burger, we’ve seen quite a few strange ideas born in Japan. Carrying forward this tradition, a Japanese museum has decided to offer an entirely deep-fried frog sandwiched between black buns. Reason cited is that the museum is currently promoting their poisonous frog exhibition.

The black frog burger was unveiled at Orbi Yokohama museum’s café. The burger features a deep fried frog along with its head, body, and legs. It is sandwiched between a black bun and served along with sweet chili sauce and soy sauce flavored chicken. It costs 1,000 yen, which is roughly Rs. 516.50 (not too bad!). The bun used here gets its dark color by using bamboo charcoal, unlike most black buns that use squid ink.

The exhibition shows off a wide range of poisonous species on earth, including frogs. If you’re still hungry for frog-themed dishes after eating a whole one, they also have an amphibious dessert on offer.

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