Prep Pad: The Perfect scale for the Health conscious

Of the many uses of Bluetooth, did you ever imagine for it to do something with food? Well, prepare to be impressed as The Orange Chef just brought in the Prep Pad. This intelligent scale will be a boon to calorie counters and fitness enthusiasts.

The prep pad gives you insight into your food and all the information you need through its bundled up app called countertop. Real-time information about the food is displayed on your iPad based on its weight.

The user has to specify what kind of food or liquid they are trying to weigh. For this they can either select the options manually or even scan the barcode. This is also a voice-capture feature for folks who don’t want to take too much trouble.

The app then builds a visualization of all the nutritional ingredients of the food specified by the user. It scores the nutritional values out of a 100 on a pie chart. The Scale has +/- 1 gram precision so be rest assured about the information you are receiving.

It has a lot of benefits for people who want to visualize the nutrition content of the food. This makes it easier for making choices about what you eat. Multiple studies have proven the fact that eating right is the most important aspect of any work out regime.

Kickstarter once again came to the rescue of another ingenious project. The Orange Chef got 50000$ on kickstarter to complete their manufacturing process.

The App asks a series of questions during the initial set up about the user’s exercise level and health goals, such as whether they want to gain or lose weight. There are many personalized features on the app.

The Orange Chef has audacious plans for its future. It wants to create a complete smart kitchen infrastructure. Its next project is a Bluetooth connected thermometer which tells you when your dish is properly cooked. They hope to add technological value to all the existing kitchen equipment.

Till you have a truly smart kitchen you can make this tiny $150 investment and begin the best workout routine which is eating right. And yes, go for a jog after that.

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