Dos Burros

Dos Burros, a Mexican Tequila Bar Opens Up in Gurgaon

A year back, there was a general grumbling amongst Delhites about the lack of Mexican joints in the city. All we wanted was a place which offered made-to-order juicy fresh burritos (not much to ask for, we think).

Dos Burros, a recently opened joint in Cyberhub, Gurgaon may not satisfy our Chipotle cravings, but it takes one step closer in doing so.

Located right at the entrance of the restaurant plaza, the place is very uniquely spaced with both indoor and outdoor seating. The interior reflects the age-old culture and tradition of Mexico.

Dos Burros 4

The kitchens of Dos Burros claim to offer delicious Mexican food, their menu recommends pairing wines with the different dishes; setting it apart from the fast food-esque Mexican fast food chains in the city.

Special recommendations for food include: Chicken Nachos, Tacos and Burritos, Beetroot salad, Pizza with goat cheese and Mexican Green Rice. These dishes require to paired with salt rimmed cocktails. Luckily, the new restaurant offers a long list of margaritas and they’re in every possible variation. We’d recommend the Mardi Gras margarita – a combination of golden tequila and orange liqueur.

Live kitchens, elaborate bar, excellent service and tasty Mexican food, makes for a joint that needs to be checked out soon.

P.S: If you were wondering about the name, the literal translation of Dos Burros is ‘two small donkeys.’

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