McDonald’s India Takes the Healthier Route

To hold on to customers, in a rapidly growing market, where healthier food options are being given more preferences, Mcdonald’s India is taking drastic steps. The global brand is cutting down the amount of salt and calories in its meals.

The world-famous fast-food joint is known for its consistency of its products worldwide, from the thickness of the fries to the amount of cheese in the burgers. This move may run a risk of disappointing customers who visit on a regular interval.


Amit Jatia, Vice President said that the change has been done gradually to ensure the taste is steady and the customers happy. They’ve cut sodium in their sauces and buns by 10 percent and in fries by 20 percent. Calories in sauces are down by 30-40 percent over the last six months.

Also, in a recent corporate social responsibility report, McDonald’s said that by 2020 it aimed to offer side salads, fruit or vegetables as a substitute for fries in its value meals in 20 major markets.

Loyalists who were asked about the taste difference said they did not detect any alteration.

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