Your Burger, Your Way: Make Your Own Gourmet Burger at McDonald’s Australia

McDonald’s decided to give its menu a makeover to provide its customers with a better ordering experience and win over in a unique way. Using technology in the right ways, McDonald’s has started the ‘Create Your Taste’ program, wherein, the customer can use digital kiosks placed at the counters to choose from different ingredients, toppings, and buns to create his own customized gourmet burger. Convenient, right?

The ‘Create Your Taste’ format has been introduced in McDonald’s Australia. “McDonald’s is innovating and changing again to meet the needs of our customers. What we’re really doing here is simply what our customers have asked us to do.”, said Andrew Gregory, the CEO of McDonald’s Australia. The touch screen of the digital kiosk offers an option of choosing from ‘crusty’ or ‘brioche’ buns, delicious sauces and then offers a list of standard ingredients such as sliced tomato, beetroot followed by value-added ingredients such as mushrooms, pineapples etc. Once the order is placed, the customer can choose to sit inside or outside and in accordance, the order will be served to him/her by the staff.


McDonald’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Don Thompson stressed on how the company is changing aggressively and said, “Customers want to personalize their meals with locally relevant ingredients. They also want to enjoy eating in a contemporary inviting atmosphere. And they want choices: choices in how they order, choices in what they order and how they’re served.” To implement this, McDonald’s has decided to ditch plastic trays and the burgers are being served in wooden trays and metal fryers to the customers in Australia.

A customer filmed his entire experience of ordering from one such kiosk at an outlet in Australia and here’s how it looks:


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