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Heat-Conducting Spoon Tackles the Stubborn Frozen Ice-Cream Dilemma

We’ve all had endless experiences of struggling with a frozen ice cream tub and failed attempts of sticking a spoon in the stubborn ice cream without ruining the spoon’s shape. Here’s a product that might just be the next thing you need before planning on an ice-cream night!

The 15.0% Ice Cream Spoon is here to make things easier. Designed by Japanese designer Nakoi Tereda, the spoon is made entirely of high-quality aluminium, which has a high thermal conductivity. As you hold the spoon, the heat from your body is conducted to the tip of the spoon, which is in contact with the ice cream. As the heat reaches the gelato, it quickly melts it, making it softer to scoop! So simple, yet so intriguing.


The spoon comes in three different designs and gets its name from the ice cream flavours: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. No, the different names do not suggest you eat vanilla ice cream with a vanilla spoon! The three spoons differ in shape and can be used according to one’s own preference. The Vanilla design has the standard shape, Chocolate is angular, and the Strawberry has been shaped like a fork.


The plump shape and the wide handle of the spoon makes it easier for you to hold the spoon and exert full power to deal with your brute tub. However, it’ll cost. The standard 15.0% ice cream spoon will cost you around Rs. 2500 without shipping charges. Quite expensive, yet it has become a very popular product among the customers.

Whether the spoon is worth the price or not depends on the number of your experiences with your rock-hard ice-cream tub!

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