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Mumbai is Now Ready to Meet the Whopper! Burger King Opens Up on 22nd November

We’ve heard enough complaints about why Burger King refused to ‘beef’ up before arriving in India. But there was even more grumbling about the fact that they opened their doors exclusively to the capital. Well, now Mumbai isn’t far behind. Only two weeks after opening its doors in New Delhi, the world famous burger chain is opening up in Oberoi Mall on 22nd November.

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Thier plan is to open 12 outlets in India over the next two-three months, six each in Delhi and Mumbai. Follow up cities might include Pune, Chennai and Bangalore. But there has been no official word on that yet.


To suit the cultural needs of Indians, Burger King wisely decided to drop beef and pork from their menu. Also, for the Delhi launch the company had collaborated with eBay for an exclusive offer to pre-book burgers online. The fast-food brand has partnered with eBay India to let Indians pre-book ‘Whopper’ burgers costing Rs. 128 (US$2) each.

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