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This Wooden Stick Helps Make Cheap Whisky Taste Vintage

Whiskey is perhaps the best of the poisons out there. The smokey afterglow of the liquid sets it apart from the rest of the liquors. The main issue for whiskey lovers is that like every good thing in the world, the best of whiskey’s come at a price. The price tag of the best of the bests can reach skywards. But a company in Oregon has an innovative solution to give whiskey lovers the taste of a good life.

If you are a whiskey enthusiast, you know that the spirit is made from fermented grains and is kept in Oak barrels for aging. The aging process may take years, and every year of storage increases the quality as well as price of the spirit. But a company called Time & Oak has introduced a new product called Whiskey Elements.

In just 24 hours Whiskey elements gives you 3 years worth of aging.

In just 24 hours Whiskey elements gives you 3 years worth of aging.

Whiskey Elements takes 24 hours to give your whiskey the taste you desire. This literally cuts time span of years into a few hours. You get 3 years worth of aging in just 24 hours. Normally a top shelf whiskey might have spent 10-20 years absorbing the rich flavors from its wooden barrels. The sticks are made from reconstituted wood from barrels used for aging the whiskey.

The best part about whiskey elements is that they come in various reusable flavor options. You can choose from like vanilla, oak, smokey, and maple. Time & Oak will also be bringing new flavors in the future. The flavors are brought through temperature and time instead of adding chemicals or additives. They can repeatedly be  used with no loss to flavors.

Whiskey Elements come in multiple Flavor options.

Whiskey Elements come in multiple Flavor options.

Recently the World Whiskey Bible was unveiled to feature the best whiskey’s in the world. Japan’s Yamazaki Single Malt was named as the best whiskey in the world. Unfortunately, Scotch that is almost synonymic with whiskey took a severe beating. None of the top scotches could make into the top 5 best whiskeys in the world. But Scotch will still be one of the most admired spirits for a good time to come.

Whiskey lovers from all over the world have flocked to support whiskey elements. The simple tool has gained backing on Kickstarter from over 5000 supporters and has acquired $ 195,982 for a pledge target of just $18000. The deliveries to the backers will take place in January of 2015. Being whiskey lovers ourselves, we can’t wait to give out whiskey some elements and so we hope Time and Oak brings it to the market as soon as possible.

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