KFC’s Insane New Burger Replaces Bread Buns With Fried Chicken

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the kookiest burger in town. Introducing KFC’s new ‘Zinger Double Down King’. The ancestral version, Zinger Double Down had bacon and cheese between two slabs of fried chicken. Now The King, or this meat beast burger, which was recently unveiled by KFC Korea, is bread-less and has a delicious and crisp boneless meat patty, cheese and bacon that come sandwiched between two layers of fried chicken. Tempting, isn’t it?


It has only been introduced in Korea and went on sale on 18th October. The burger costs $7 in Korea and has ‘only’ 750 calories. The King, as we see it, is yet to arrive in America because it’s not fit for Americans, yet.

Korea, hope you enjoy the meal. Rest of the world is jealous and waiting for the King to arrive!

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