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Here’s How a Smart Cutlery Choice Can Affect Your Taste Buds

Taste, they say, is in the mouth, eyes and hands of the beholder. The spoons and knives you hold in your hands are not mere pieces of steel and affect more than presentation – they change the taste of food. Yes, it has been proven by researchers that cutlery actually changes the way your food tastes. According to a study conducted by Vannessa Harrar and Charles Spence, the colour, shape, weight, texture and size change the way you perceive a culinary experience.


It was found during one of the experiments that light weight utensils make food seem richer. So, the same piece of fruit eaten from a heavy fork tastes better and richer with a toothpick instead. However, heavier utensils make the food taste sweeter. A real dilemma, isn’t it?



The next experiment determined that blue utensils make food taste significantly saltier. Also, a general trend was determined that as we move towards black spoons, the food tastes sweeter and as we move towards whiter spoons, the food tastes saltier.



Knives make food taste saltier as compared to spoons. Hence, cheese is best eaten with knives and that is how it should be. This result justifies the usage of knives to spread butter and eat cheese! Also, fancy cutlery does not affect the taste of food.

Cheese - Knife

These experiments can be used to solve a lot of health issues. For example, if you start using blue spoons to eat salty food, the food will automatically taste saltier. This will help you reduce your salt intake as it is. The next time you go shopping for cutlery, stop and choose carefully because it is not just another item in your kitchen, it is your own culinary gadget.

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