4 Popular Korean Meals That Are Finger-Lickin’ Good

Korean cuisine is distinct with most dishes being a tasteful blend of rice, soup, veggies and meat. Koreans are also known to serve their meals along with plenty of side dishes.

Now if you’re planning a lunch and if it’s going to be Korean, then here are some popular Korean mid-day meals that you need to try:

1. Bibimbap

Literally translating to “mixed rice,” the popular dish of Bibimbap is a combination of white rice topped with slightly fried and seasoned veggies, also called namul. It’s either served with gochujang which is a spicy red chilli pepper paste, or doenjang (bean paste) or soy sauce. It is also served with beef meat or a fried egg on top.


2. Tteokbokki

Snaking on a mix of rice cake or tteok, stirred and fried in red chilli pepper paste (gochujang) with added sliced fish cakes would make for a tasty tteokbokki feast. It is often served with boiled eggs and pan-fried Korean dumplings (mandu).


3. Samgyetang

Tang is a form of Korean soup that is slightly low in water content as compared to guk, the traditional Korean soup. Samgyetang or Ginseng Chicken Soup is a savory dish that consists of a whole young chicken stuffed with sticky rice, boiled in Korean ginseng to form a delicious broth that serves as soup. Traditional medicinal herbs are sometimes added to the dish.


4. Galbitang

Galbi in Korean translates to “grilled short ribs” while tang means “soup”. This Korean dish is a combination of beef short ribs added to stewing beef (cooked with mildly flavored radish and onions among other ingredients.) The dish is known to take about 5 hours to cook.


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